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         Hubei Spice Biotech Co., Ltd.

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        Welcome to the official website of Sibo Technology!

        Your visit is our fate! Thank you for your trust in us. Founded in 2008, Hubei Spice Biotech Co., Ltd. is a market-oriented, technology-based high-tech chemical company located in Xianning City, Hubei Province, which enjoys the reputation of Xiangcheng Quandu. The company has a high-level research and development team led by well-known experts in the industry. Since its establishment, the company has successfully developed three series of products: cesium series, specialty phenol series, and pyruvic acid ester series, and the technology level is in the leading position in the industry.

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        • Tel: +86-715-6597222   +86-138-7218-2100 Manager Huang +86-186-1170-2559 Manager Song Fax: +86-715-6597238
          E-mail: hubeisiboshengwu@163.com  11217319@qq.com URL:
        • Add: Fanhu Chemical Industrial Park, Panjiawan Town, Xianning City, Hubei Province, China
        • Driving directions: Navigation directly to Fanhu Chemical Industrial Park, Panjiawan Town, Xianning City, or call our service hotline +86-715-6597222