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         Hubei Spice Biotech Co., Ltd.

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        Hubei Spice Biotech Co., Ltd.

        ReturnSource: Sibo TechnologyRelease date:2018/01/12

        Hubei Spice Biotech Co., Ltd. was founded in May 2008. It is a fine chemical enterprise taking market as orientation and technology as core. The company is situated in Xianning City, Hubei Province, where enjoys convenient transportation. Spice engages in the R&D and production of flavors and fragrances and chemical intermediates. Up to now, the company has successfully developed six series of superior products including aldehyde ketone spice series, tert-butyl ester series, benzophenone series, special phenol series, carbamate series and indole series, which are widely used in spice, medicine, pesticide, coating, resin, printing and dyeing, plastic, papermaking and other industries and are highly praised by customers! The company insists on operation policy of technological chemical, green chemical and it regards technology as core competitiveness of the enterprise and green technology as basis for long-term development! Because of this, Spice has developed a set of perfect management system.

        Spice has a R&D team formed by 12 employees, 3 are doctors, 3 are masters and the rest have college degree or above. In addition, the company has establish cooperation relations with foreign scientific research institutions and well-known enterprises, thus it has strong competitiveness and leading position in the industry.

        The first-phase project, covering 20,000 square meters, in Xianning Chemical Industrial Park was finished and put into operation in May 2013. After the completion of this project, the company is capable of producing 2,000 tons of products including 1,500 tons of tert-butyl ester series, 200 tons of indole series, and 500 tons of special phenol; the second-phase project is under construction and the increased capacity will be about 4,000 tons when the project is finished. Based on strict and scientific production and management models, the company can assure the customers of high-quality products! 

        We sincerely welcome friends at home and abroad to visit us and talk over business!